There are various ways which could help make your driving experience in the city of Dubai very easy. The key is not to drive around Dubai with an expired license and we will be giving you a step by step procedure for Dubai Driving License renewal. There are some documents that are required by each one of the drivers in Dubai so that the whole step by step procedure of Dubai Driving License Renewal would become extremely easy.

dubai driving license renewal

In order to get the License renewed, it is important that not just the License but all other documents that are needed for it are around so that they can be renewed along with the Dubai License Renewal. For those who are totally new to this whole idea of renewing your license, the procedure is fairly simple and also, it is online so that one does not need to make unnecessary visits to the traffic police departments in Dubai. No time is wasted and everything is done in good and little amount of time. If this is your first time getting it renewed, then follow the process without any hesitation as it follows the requirements as they are.

Some of the required documents that you need to take along for your Dubai Driving License Renewal are your expired license of course, two photos, your Emirates ID, a copy of your valid passport with a visa residency stamp and lastly; an eye test certificate from a recognized optician. It is best if all these documents are submitted on time and with the old dubai driving license so that not only is your time saves but also you do not get into unnecessary trouble.

Fees for Dubai Driving License Renewal:

There is obviously a requirement of fees for this whole process of Dubai Driving License Renewal. It is however not that expensive for the residents if Dubai as the price of this whole process is a sum of your eye test and the RTA fees to issue a new license which is 150AED and 120 AED respectively. However, if you have any kind of pending fines or dues that you need to pay (which could be traffic fines also) then those need to be cleared along with this payment. If you have been issued fine in other parts of the Emirates then make sure that you pay them online as that can be done through any of the Emirates Traffic Police Department websites. All payments can be made through cash or cards so that will also not be problem.

The process would take only 4-5 business days if the online step by step procedure is followed as mentioned above. For all those who still need to take their eye test, make sure that you get that done from a good optician as that cannot be done on the stop when picking up your Driving License. It is an extremely easy and user-friendly procedure so make sure that you get done with it and make your driving experience in Dubai peaceful and safe.

Documents Required For Renew Dubai Driving License

  • Dubai expired driving license.
  • An eye test certificate from a recognized optician in UAE.
  • Valid passport copy with residency visa stamp.
  • Your Emirates ID.
  • Two passport size photos.

Fees for the License Renewal in Dubai

  • 150 AED for Eye test.
  • 120 AED RTA fees to issue a new license.
  • Pay the pending fines on your license.

Apply for Renew Your Driving Licence in Dubai

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  • Fill the application form and visit our near RTA Office.